the collegiate life beckoning…

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The Secret History, The Marriage Plot, and The Art of Fielding

…from the literary chambers of course.  This post-grad has a job now, so it’s all about making some bucks before I head back to the books.

Nonetheless, my collegiate trilogy has convocated.  3 great books.  All of which I read within maybe a 5 month span, with some other pieces of fiction interspersed.  But all 3 set, more or less, in a university.  So I find myself wondering – am I missing those wonderful security-filled years, when life was merely sequestered by the 4 walls of campus?  Things seemed so complex, but were also so simple during those days.

Realising this all kinda makes me want to go and watch some St. Elmo’s Fire now. Oh nostalgia.

But seriously – this trifecta of college-set books – amazing and totally resonant for this (recessionary) generation of ours. I highly recommend and I hope I can find some more future classics.  Maybe some good British ones too!

Songs of the moment – The National – Fake Empire – reminds me of Springsteen, which for some reason, reminds me of uni?

And this fun ditty of a mash-up by The Hood Internet – dedicated to the non-educational part of the college years.

The Hood Internet – I Love Friction (Asher Roth vs. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)


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