ringing in the new year with some red!

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Friends n’ Stuff, Peace Book Centre (amazing Asian stationary can be found here!) and Color Vintage Clothing & Accessories

Kung hey fat choi/Gong xi fa chai and welcome to the year of the dragon! And making my Chinese heritage proud – I am obsessed with the colour red.  It’s actually more than obsessed.  I found myself sorting laundry one day and wound up with a sizable pile of…you guessed it – RED; which wound up being a load of its on.  That’s how much I love red.  And coincidentally, Chinese culture and history loves it too; corresponding the colour red with fire – symbolising good fortune and joy and that’s why you find it every which way during Chinese/Lunar New Year.  Literally everywhere.  I couldn’t be happier!  So of course – I had to go out and grab a few items for myself in this lovely hue.

And here are some other pics from our Lunar New Year weekend!  A trip to the Friends-International/Mith Samlanh Lunar New Year-themed Fun Fair – always a treasure trove of laughter, food, and fleamarket fun. And then D found the most amazing place to view the Phnom Penh sunset!  And who knew it’d be one of those new fangled hotel/condo/apartment blocks across the Tonle Sap River?

Bricks can be purchased at the Friends Restaurant as a donation to Mith Samlanh - the partner organisation that helps street children and their families. And you get to personalise them!

The tiny ones practicing their Lunar New Year Dance at the Friends Fun Fair!

Amazing finds at the Friends n' Stuff store - all made by beneficiaries of Mith Samlanh and Friends as part of income generating projects!

Spectacular views at the Mekong View Tower! This is exactly where the Tonle Bassac and Tonle Sap Rivers meets the mighty Mekong!

Good night Phnom Penh

All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


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