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Original Photo by Avi Abrams

It was truly love at first sight for these blogs!

Tout le Monde

Photo by Jessica Marati @ Tout le Monde

Living in SouthEast Asia (or coming for a visit?) and you want to dive into the ethical and sustainable fashion scene?  Tout le Monde should be your first stop before you shop! (wow that sounded cheesy).   Headed by young journalist, Jessica Marati, Tout le Monde takes you all around the region – from Bali to Cambodia and beyond – to uncover the most sumptuous, beautiful and best of the best artisanal crafts there are to find.  She goes deep to learn the stories of the artisans, their histories and their craft, and visits the most amazing ethical and fair-fashion boutiques there are to find in this region.  She’s even developing her own line of ethical products (like the clutches, above) with the help of the artisans she meets on her way!  This is definitely a great guide for shopping in these parts!

Turntable Kitchen

I need a perfect playlist when I’m cooking and then when I’m eating.  And it really depends on the dish too; like some Latin flare when I’m cooking up paella.  Or some indie goodness while baking!  And I can’t believe what I stumbled upon this weekend – the solution to all my food-music combination woes!  Turntable Kitchen is the brainchild and enterprise of couple, Kasey and Matthew, who brought their love of food and music pairings to the web! They feature their favourite recipes, with hand-picked local ingredients, paired with their favourite tunes.  It’s a great way to discover new dishes and artists!  And did I mention they make playlists that you can download!  Amaze-balls!

PS – I spent the evening yesterday making this recipe (thank you Aine! it was delish!) and listening to Turntable Kitchen’s January Mix…perfect combination. Loved it!

Et Pourquoi pas Coline?

Love the Navajo print and the outfit! Photo by Coline

Once again – this amazing personal style blog comes recommended from my friend Claire! Coline’s style is awesome.  There’s no other way to describe it.  She just hits it right on the ball for me and brings so much inspiration!  I love it! Merci beaucoup, Claire!

The Beauty Department

Photo by Kim Smith for the Beauty Department

Hair. Makeup. Wardrobe. Sometimes you just need a lil’ bit of help and The Beauty Department definitely provides.  With 3 LA-based professional makeup, hair and fashion stylists backing you up on those beauty decisions, you really can go no wrong.  And the tips here are fab! including how to deal with those tiny Asian eyes of mine.  Thank you designlovefest for pointing me over here!


One thought on “blogwatch – loving linking

  1. Haha, don’t make it sound like my life evolves around fashion blogs. I’m much deeper than that 😀

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