vice magazine came to cambodia…

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Vice Magazine has been on my radar since the tender age of 14 – when they were still thriving in counter-culture, a raunchy sense of humour that was all their own, and all things I thought were pushing the definition of cool; stuff my mom would think and hope was merely a phase. These days, over a decade later, Vice Magazine is still pushing the definition of edgy and hip, but now with their brand of gonzo or ‘immersionist’ journalism that has taken the web by storm. Their roots are Canadian and I’m clearly proud.

Anyways – 2 months ago, Charlet Duboc of Vice Magazine came to cover Fashion Week in Cambodia – as part of Vice’s Fashion Week Internationale series, and this is what she found. She posits the question “How many beautiful Cambodian trannies can you fit in a tuktuk?” but don’t let these words fool you. This 30 min mini-doc that initially seems to be about the burgeoning fashion scene in Cambodia, turns out to cover all aspects of the fashion industrial complex here (or of the world) – taking us from the mass faintings at the H&M factories to the catwalks in Phnom Penh.  Is this what the fashion scene is really like in an emerging economy?

There are some really great stories in this one – give it a watch!


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