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These amazing dresses by 1) Oasis, 2) Mango and 3) Tory Burch!

I’m so incredibly thankful to have such a great network of friends, old bosses and other development or health policy professionals out here in Cambodia.  Coming back was one of the best decisions ever. Contracts have yet to be signed, but things may or may not be in the pipeline!  And some may frown on this, but I’m a big picture-visionary-type person – and all I can think of are shirtdresses (because of course, a wardrobe is part of the big picture!)!

Add a blazer and get serious! Photo by Scott Schumann at The Sartorialist

They are my absolute favourite piece for the work outfit in Cambodia.  Work wear here is definitely in the casual range.  Very rarely will you need to wear a suit to work – unless you’re off to see His Excellency.  And pants…it’s just too hot to wear pants!  It’s nearly 31° Celsius today.  And during hot season, an engineer friend once measured it to be 55°C!  So you get the point – it’s all about dresses for me here.  And specifically shirtdresses.  They still have that air of professional and you can tailor them to be structured and fitted or find a fun material to make them flow-y and fun!  (Tailoring you say? Yes! I’ll get to that in another post!).  Plus, it gets so hot and sweaty here sometimes, that the whole thought of trying to pull a dress over your head is absolutely ghastly!  The buttons down the front definitely make for an easy exit.

Crepe Myrtle Dress and Compeer Dress (Left and Right) by Anthropologie and Think of Me Fondly Floral Dress by Ruche

So since professional aspirations are on the horizon, I’m currently on the lookout for some fun, yet professional, shirtdresses to get adapted by my favourite tailor, Monika, here.  I’ve got a couple left from my last iteration in Cambodia, but the wardrobe needs some serious revival.  So I’m looking for some inspiration.  Aren’t these shirtdresses fun?  I just can’t wait to show off my finished pieces!

And if all else fails, there’s always the boyfriend’s shirt.  All photos by the Sartorialist, here, here and here.


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