for the wanderlustful mind…

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A song and a dress!

Waverly Silk Dress by Rachel Rose

These days, I’ve got my eyes out for some great dresses to get designed here.  I find that it can get too hot here to wear fitted pants so a collection of dresses is an absolute necessity for me here in Phnom Penh.  So when that contract does come, I know I’ll be making some very long and fruitful visits to the fabric aisles of Phnom Penh markets here and to Monika – my favourite tailor in this town.  And how cute is this dress by Rachel Rose that I found from Oh Joy!?  It’s something I’d definitely pack for a trip to Bangkok, Hong Kong, a lovely summer day in London and even Bali!

Image by Fool's Gold

And of course – I always need my tunes. I love the sounds of Fool’s Gold to accompany any thought or dream of travel.  They’ve got a great summer-y global sound, eh?

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel


One thought on “for the wanderlustful mind…

  1. your blog is pretty awesome. i have tons of new activities planned for pp after reading it. shame you’ve stopped. did you move?

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