Happy New Year!!!

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Background Photo "Surya Namaskar" by Anton Jankovoy

Happy New Year everyone!  Sadly I spent NYE sick.  Like spent the entire day in bed with a severely swollen throat and trouble swallowing-sick.  And then magically – with the help of antibiotics and ibuprofen of course – I was completely recovered on New Year’s Day!  So huzzah for the new year!  It’s oh so exciting isn’t it?  And the impatient me wants all of the excitement of the next year to happen now.  I just can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!

Of the many exciting things to happen this year, I’m excited to continue documenting all the cool tunes, styles and homes (including ours) that are right in front of me in this beautiful region of SouthEast Asia.  This will include visits to friends in Myanmar, going off the beaten track in Cambodia, and showing all of our visitors everything that this area has to offer.

Please continue to keep visiting!  And thank you for everyone who already does! I definitely promise some really amazing experiences and “stuff” in general to share this year!



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