a few things…


Photo sourced from DesignSponge

Not posting for a week sucks.  So many things I discovered, but could never find the time or headspace to just sit down and write.

And without further to do…here are a few cool things for now!

Pitchfork has finally released it’s Top 100 Tracks of 2011.  You can find the links to download the entire list here!  My own Tiffy’s Top Tracks of 2011 will be coming soon too!  Once I figure out how to upload with this drastically slower connection!

Skateistan has arrived in Cambodia!  Never heard of this organisation? Check them out – they are seriously amazing.

I really appreciate these habits of the happy.

Having an amazing home of our own now means being able to entertain again!  I recently discovered Kinfolk Magazine and love their take on minimalist, yet hearty, entertaining.  The magazine itself is pricey, as any self-produced hipster-mag would, but they’ve got a very cute blog/journal that is absolutely free to peruse!

And I’m in love with her wardrobe.


2 thoughts on “a few things…

  1. Awesome post! loved everything. Especially atlantic-pacific’s clothes….. Thanks Tiff, you keep me updated on everything…. as usual!

  2. awww thanx arju! also check out the littlestblog! she’s got such cute clothes for little girls too! miss you! xoxo

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