speaking of baggage…

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Photo by the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, via Re-Nest

It makes for an amazing way to decorate, don’t you think?  I’ve always been fascinated by vintage trunks and suitcases.  My mom had a great one in her closet and I spent most of my childhood wondering what was in there.  But now, I just love them for their styling purposes and the fact that they also hold things! They even had a great selection at the various London markets.  Sadly, I had no solid home to bring them back to at the time.  But hopefully one day, I’ll get to return to the Camden Stables and Portobello Markets for some vintage baggage madness!  In the meantime…

Love love love a vintage trunk at the end of a bed. Classic! Photo by Restoration Hardware via Freshome

Cuteness! Design and photo by Decordemon via Houzz

La Pièce de résistance! Photo by Frisson, via Houzz


One thought on “speaking of baggage…

  1. I love that the trunk in the second photo has drawers.

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