an ode to packing…

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Image by Ruche via Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

Once again, I am packing up my life.  This is probably the 10th move I’ve done in the past 4 years?  5 different apartments to Phnom Penh, a temporary respite to Canada, 2 different flats in London, then to Germany and now back to Cambodia…and beyond!

So I found myself a bit perplexed while gazing at all of my belongings today.  We managed to negotiate ourselves a checked baggage upgrade from 20kg to 30kg! What a lifesaver! And how silly we had to negotiate in the first place.  Clearly China Airlines Vancouver and China Airlines Deutschland need to get McKinsey’d.  Anyways, everything I need and want in 30kg and 7kg of carry on.  This is doable right?  Please tell me it is!

And then the enigmatic Diane von Furstenburg did! In this adorable video called The Bearable Lightness of Packing…she really slaps you in the face, in the most charming and Euro-fab way possible – that less is more!  So I hope you find this as inspiring as I did – especially with all of the holiday trip packing that’s akin to this season! xoxo


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