foodie films – the elegant, awesome, and the simply delish


Eat your heart out, Babette's Feast

One thing I love about springing forth on a new adventure (although Cambodia has already been discovered, unemployment in Cambodia remains a new frontier) is discovering new tastes.  And I definitely count those discoveries among the spirits which drive me to keep moving.  But what if you want to just order some take-away? Well, in that case, let your screen take you away.  So I thought I’d share some new beautiful movies about food with you.  Babette’s Feast….eat your heart out.

{Jiro Dreams of Sushi}

Photo of Jiro Ono courtesy of The Telegraph

This darling gem of a foodie doco looks amazing.  But not only is it beautiful, it’s enticing for the doco-obsessed too.  The Jiro, who dreams of sushi here, is Jiro Ono, the 85 year old owner of the world’s most understated Michelin-starred restaurant – Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seater located in a Tokyo subway station.  They say he’s the best at the art of making sushi.  He’s been training his staff in the delicate art of true sushi-making and all the aesthetics that go along with it, but what’s really the heart of the film is his relationship with his son, whom he desires to pass down the craft and the family business to.  Combine this story with these amazing visuals and it’s just the perfect definition of cuisine.  Bon appetit!


{El Bulli: Cooking in Progress}

Photo by El Bulli via NYMag

On a completely different continent and in a completely different language is El Bulli: Cooking in Progress.  I only found out about El Bulli when true intense foodies wrote about it, at length, in some very whole-hearted meditations on food.  It was restaurant that’s hidden from the world – really only open to the mouths of a few very special and in-the know individuals and found in the heart of Catalonian Spain.  And now, this leader in molecular gastronomy, this purveyor of haute cuisine, is now closed.  To the artists who work at elbulli, food isn’t just an art – it is technology, it is a religion, it is the reason to live.  And this doco in the last spectacular days of the resto does it great justice.


{Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escapes – Cambodia!}

While this one isn’t particularly haute, it is very much worth mentioning because it occupies a very large part of my heart…which lies in my stomach.  For the past months, I’ve been dreaming of the flavours back in Cambodia.  I really did miss the food there.  How fresh everything was and that perfect combination of sweet, sour, spicey, and sometimes, just plain odd (tarantulas!).  So Gordon Ramsay, whom you probably can only picture when he’s blowing his top, went to Cambodia to explore it’s food culture.  And to be honest, he did a pretty awesome job.  I usually pledge allegiance with Anthony Bourdain and his No Reservations, Cooks Tours and Layovers, but those are more about travel and living for food.  Gordon Ramsay really gets to the heart of the cuisine.  And he features the organisation that D worked for and continues to be involved with – Friends-International; an NGO who is dedicated to helping street kids.  Enjoy and I hope you’ll come visit and taste it yourself one day!  Watch it on youtube, below! And follow the links to watch the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts!


2 thoughts on “foodie films – the elegant, awesome, and the simply delish

  1. Io sono l’amore (I am Love) isn’t about food but food is really central to the story and also how visually stunning this movie is. Also, it has Tilda Swinton in it! She only speaks Russian and Italian. You should check it out.

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