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Black Keys Poster by DKNG

{The Black Keys New Album – El Camino!}

Today, the Black Keys releases their new album, El Camino!  And even better…it was produced by Danger Mouse – collaborator extraordinaire!  I first fell hard for this band when they were featured in the soundtrack to School of Rock (a movie and soundtrack which I LOVE!).  And since then, they’ve been putting out rock music that hits all the right notes for me.  We’ve been through this album a couple of times and I love it!  Listen to their new single, Lonely Boy, below!  And here’s another album fave – Money Maker you can hear.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

{Red Jeans!}

This is exactly the outfit I want! And I finally have the pièce de résistance! Photo by EmersonMade

I finally found, after searching far and wide, that pair of red jeans that fit me perfectly!  We were doing some mad pre-trip shopping for D today in Frankfurt and I wandered into a Mango store for some me-shopping time…and there they were!  I love these superslim jeans and can’t wait to start wearing them in Cambo!….

{Moving Back to Cambodia!}

That way! A photo I took on the Neak Luong ferry in Prey Veng, Cambodia

Oh right!  And we’re moving back to Cambodia!  I can’t believe it myself.  After these 3 months of a stressful, but much needed break from it all, we decided to go back to where we essentially came from.  Our hearts definitely lie in Cambodia still.  We’ve only been away for about 15 months (and 8 months for D) but over the past couple of weeks, we realised it’s where we would find the opportunities and life we wanted.  Which is fitting, especially since we met and this huge adventure began from there for us.  So in exactly a week – we’ll be back home, as it were!  I can’t wait for the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and the amazing friends we left there.


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  1. Mom was asking about where you were planning to spend Xmas. You should probably give her a shout.

    Enjoy your move back!! (and apartment hunting?)

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