hey hey it’s the 80s!

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Charli XCX - channeling that 80s glam! Courtesy of The Guardian

I’m apparently still crazy about the sights, sounds and reads of the 80s.  I’m even about to dive right into Jeffrey Eugenides’ 80s-set The Marriage Plot, which was just named one of the NYTimes notable books of 2011!

I have a feeling that this current foray into all things 80s is somehow linked to the fact that the situation was also a bit recessionary back then, after a bout of financial opulence.  But things were still oh so glam! So in celebration of that – staying fab in the age of austerity – here’s another song that’s currently on repeat!  Charli XCX is a UK-based electro-pop darling and I love her synth-y melodies!  Enjoy (plus remixes)!

Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons


Also amazing and fresh off the mixers is musical royal-cum-jack of all trades-cum-style maven, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new collaboration with Beck.  Totally lush-sounding disco, I’m lovin’ this sound!

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco


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