the fog…it consumes!

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Golly.  I can’t think of a better metaphor for these days.  Life is a bit foggy at the moment. Like the one that’s descended upon the valley that D and I currently are staying, it’s hard to see.  It’s a bit scary.  Last evening’s drive was one of the scariest and most ominous that I’ve ever been on!  We could barely more than 10 meters in front of us!  The London fog gets all the attention, but this fog affecting continental Europa might actually provide a little competition.  Anyways – the great thing about fog is that it does disappear at some point.  The road ahead clears and suddenly Peter Gabriel’s voice doesn’t seem so cheesy for the moment.

creepy eh?

I gave a web talk to a class of eager medical students about working in the field of global health today for my friend who’s currently lecturing at KCL.  I’m so thankful for this opportunity!  It helped to clear up some of the fog that’s been in my head lately.  Unemployment sucks.  And it helps to see the light sometimes.

Wow – that was a cheesey post.  But here’s the meat of it now.  It’s foggy in the Wetterau.  It’s a little ridiculousl.  So I took my cammy-cam on my run yesterday and here is the road, or lack thereof, that I had ahead of me.  Creepy eh?


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