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Raw pork....yum!

All I can say is oy vey….I’ve never been on such a meat-heavy diet before and I seriously wasn’t kidding when I posted that Deutschland is for meat-lovers.  Part of me yearns for the practically raw food diet we were on while living in Asia – mangos, papayas, dragonfruit – oh my!  But at the same time – there has been this carnal side of me that actively craves meat.  This past year, while I was living in London on a student’s budget, meat got knocked off the shopping list quite a bit; and of course, I would find myself with the most ridiculous cravings for meat.  As if I was some sort of rabid animal wanting a bloody rare steak in the middle of lecture.  I’m all for a plant-based diet, but hey – our origins include gatherer AND hunter, right?So since I’m in Deutschland, I’ve been trying to prepare as many meals as I can for D’s amazing parents who have been putting up with us for the past months (I still can’t believe our unemployment has lasted this long!).  And since meat figures HEAVILY into the German diet, I’ve had to be creative to satisfy those cravings.  But once in a while, I’ll go all out on the meat – and I thought I’d share some of those favourite recipes!

Sweet sweet meat!

This Proscuitto-Wrapped Porkloin with sweet potatoes and pears is one of my favourite recipes that I’ve been making even while living in Cambodia.  It’s so incredibly easy and to make it a little more personal and local, I use maple syrup in place of the honey, and apples instead of the pears!  Give it a try if you’re ever having meat-loving guests over!

Photo by Katie Quinn Davies, from What Katie Ate

And tonight, I went over to What Katie Ate for inspiration.  She has an amazingly beautiful blog – so much so, in fact, that this Australian food blogger and photog has been picked up by the publishing world and is about to release her first cookbook!  It’s amazing how pervasive the blogosphere has gotten, eh?  Anyways – I selected her Shepherd’s Pie recipe for tonight’s dinner and all I can say is that the house was smelling delicious while I was simmering the meat on the stove.  And the mashed potatotes? YUM!

But alas, the meat heavy diet also means the pounds, and good golly, I definitely feel heavier after all this time in Germany.  Oof.  Which is why, as doctors order, the balanced diet is really important and I do incredibly miss that.  I had the chance to see the beautiful, but slightly assuming, doco, PLANEAT last year while it was on tour. And of course, it argued all for a plant-based diet.  And it’s easy to see the benefits, but I can also very much play devil’s advocate to that belief.  If you want to learn more, and see some really beautiful and tasty vegan food – watch it here!



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