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Get enchanted! Photo by Joy St. Claire, Source - My Modern Metr

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in it all.  You know – the everyday annoyances, life’s bumps and belches – all that phun.  At times, it can all pile up, and all you can do is feel your heart squeeze in so tightly, fighting to find some motivation to expand again.  Wow, that sounded melodramatic.  But you know the feeling, right?

Anyways – I thought I’d share some whimsy to lighten the load before the day ends.


I discovered some amazing photography on My Modern Met – a site where all the cool artists, innovators, thinkers and creators hang out, today, and I found some photos that really lit up my eyes and my mind.  Like Jan von Holleben’s Girl in Dreams, and Sandy Skoglund surreal dreamscapes. It’s lovely to truly get lost in a piece of art.

I can't wait to fly away. Photo by Jan van Holleban

I've been dreaming of my old cello this one's perfect. Photo by Jan van Holleban

It's so easy to get lost in Sandy Skoglund's unedited photos. Amazing, eh?

Once again - I'm enchanted. Photo by Sandy Skoglund


My amazing, beautiful, dynamite of a friend Nid showed me Oren Lavie’s dreamy video about a year ago and I was instantly reminded of it by Jan von Holleben’s photo.  It’s so playful and quirky, and I wish I could wake up like that every day.

And please go see Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (in 3D!) if you can!  As a film history-buff, I delight in seeing a filmmaker, whom others pay homage to, give the same reverence to the inventors of what we know as modern cinema.  This is the perfect movie to start the holiday season with and I hope you can all see it with the same marvel you would have as an 8 year old on a special trip to the cinema with your loved ones.


There is no doubt why Pitchfork selected Round and Round by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti as their best song of 2010.  It just simply dazzles.  It starts out slow and builds you up, high, until you’re in that dreamy state, watching sunsets on beaches, bonfires with best mates, bobbing your head while lost in the beat…whatever floats your boat.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round


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