charm your woes away!

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Float away!!! Umbrellas in Alicante, Spain. Source: Fffffound

Need a pick me up?  If you’ve got some time on your hands, watch Young@Heart!

I was suffering from some writer’s block today (Indonesia!), so D and I started watching that bewildering viral video of an elderly Chinese choral group jamming out to Lady Gaga and of course that lead to me loading an old fave up.  Young@Heart is a doco that’s all about a choir that sings punk, rock and pop music.  Sounds pretty conventional, right?  Conventional stops there.  This choir is made up complete of the elderly! And this doco will charm that bad day, or frustration with a cover letter, right outta you!

And if you’ve got more time on your hands (like I apparently have these days), there’s the other end of the age spectrum with PS 22.  Yup – you might have heard me go on and on about it before – they’re the 5th graders from Public School 22 in Staten Island, NY, a school that has the best music teacher ever.  Lead by Gregg Breinberg – the kids sing really amazing pop songs – from indie, to soul to classic rock.  So of course, viral video sensations they obviously become.  They serve as a great happy pill if you’re stuck in bed with a cold! This remedy is tried and true!


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