tunes to help cope through unemployment….

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Hilarious, yet kinda sad. Check out photographer Hunter Freeman’s collection of unemployed astronauts (yunno, since NASA is kaput)

How funny that this has unofficially turned into my unemployment blog.  It was never meant to be this way.  Especially because unemployment sucks (so I hope you aren’t).  So do poor health systems which fail to provide accessible and quality primary health care to populations who could otherwise not afford it.  And I’d rather be providing some sort of assistance to these health systems and I know I’d be really good at advising policies to finance this assistance and a key member of a health systems strengthening team; but instead, I’m sitting in the middle of rural Germany, wondering about how I could do this, and get paid for it. So, in between the periods of furiously generating cover letters at every possibility I happen upon, finding out who’s doing what, where and how….I also made a playlist!

Yes a playlist!  I’ve been really lazy about this, but I finally figured out how to string a bunch of tunes together to take you through a period of unemployment-induced doldrums.  Think of this mix as the sarcastic friend who knows how to pick you up; or even the Kübler-Ross model of coping as a playlist…I even included Blondie’s “One Way or Another” – because I’ve always gotten what I needed, and I know I’ll get this job too.  I could have also mixed in “Call Me,” but that would have been a little desperate….But I want this mix to be empowering, since I think the world (or rather some of us, or just me) really needs an economically empowering mixtape right now. Listen to it below and if you like what you hear, you can download it!

And stay tuned for more mix-tapes to come!


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