helsinki…world design capital for 2012!

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Map of Neighbourhoods of Helsinki by Lotta Nieminen

This one goes out to my friends of Finnish extraction – Steph and Karolina – and my hyper cool friend of design – Miwa!

Helsinki already achieved this year’s Monocle ranking as the most liveable city.  And now it’s been declared the World Design Capital of 2012!  This means that Helsinki, as a city, an entity, a living and growing organism, has succeeded in embedding design into achieving a positive impact on its society, economy and well being of its citizens.  Monocle provides a really great and concise argument as to why Helsinki deserves its twin statuses here. Whether it’s through urban revitalisation, design for humanity, or stimulating innovation among its young minds – Helsinki has achieved this according to the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).  I really can’t wait to visit one day.  You can read more about Helsinki’s designation, here.

And through this designation, Helsinki will be offering methods for ordinary citizens to participate in developing their living environment. Since they are the ones living in the city, shouldn’t they have a say in their built-environment? So starting on New Year’s Eve 2011, a huge programme of events will bring citizens, innovators and designers together!  And if you’re heading to Helsinki, check out the programme here!

Aren’t these maps of Helsinki neighbourhoods cool? They were created by Helsinki-based graphic designer, Lotta Nieminen. I love her illustrations!


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  1. You really should visit

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