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Since I’m unemployed and hibernating in provincial Germany, my days are spent looking for that next perfect job, writing on this blog, dabbling in some creative photography that never turns out quite right, and baking!  Of course, all of these activities need a soundtrack, but it requires so much darn time and effort to generate that perfect string of tunes – even if you have over 24 000 songs in your iTunes library.  I don’t get me either – I’ll spend hours working on a tart but not a playlist?

So instead, I turn to the splendors of the Interweb!  Here are some of my favourite curators of cool tunes!

Photo by peachR

peachR is the work of the coolest of the cool kids in the French music scene.  Never fear – not all of the music is in French (though I happen to like French music quite a bit).  Each mix is curated by someone deep inside the music scene and they bring together such cool, global, new sounds – most of which you probably have never heard!  Today I’m writing yet another cover letter and baking an apple pie to mixes by Gradient Magazine and Le Tournedisque.  Perfect for the gray weather we’re having today!

Photo by La Blogotheque

And I can be such a Francophile – so another very awesome site from France is La Blogothéque!  It’s also a repository of what’s going on out there in terms of new cool tunes and they feature some really great, sometimes very progressive playlists on their site!  But besides playlists, my favourite part of their site is Les Concerts à Emporter (TakeAway Shows)!  They’ve featured some amazing artists like Battles and Edwin Sharpe playing in cool locations around France – ranging form the streets of Paris to the ambience filled salon of l’Hôtel de Ville.  Totally wish I could be there!

Yet another groovy cool graphic by Miss Moss

For more familiar tunes, I love the mixtapes generated by some of the cool cats of the blogosphere.  And I love the snazzy graphic designs that come with them!  My faves include Miss Moss, a style blogger who is sending her bytes all the way from gorgeous wine country in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  I’m a very big fan of her music mixes and they provide such a great soundtrack to a busy day!

Yet another amazing design from The Flashdance and one of my fave work-playlists from the Human Jukebox!

And from the professionals, I look to the Human Jukebox (or Michael Antonia) of the super amazingly cool events production company The Flashdance.  Most months, he’ll post some amazing playlists (like this one!) here, whether for events or just cause and they I’ve been keeping a treasure trove of them for those moments where I need the perfect playlist. To make things better – he’s married to The Littlest’s Elizabeth Antonia.  Now that’s a cool couple to party with!

Enjoy groovin’ on a daily basis to these curators of cool! And coming soon to infinitiff will be my own playlists!…when I get around to making them – hopefully soon!


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