cool namesakes!

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Photo by Unknown

This must be the most random post ever.  But I promise – I didn’t Google myself.  But I’ve come across some cool sites by some cool Tiffs and some cool Tsangs!

Makes gourmet sandwiches and cakes, delivers them in a vintage suitcase on her bicycle. Priceless! Photo by Tifamade

First the Tiffs.  Well, first there’s Eat Your Heart Out, LA, run by a very hip Tiff out in the west coast.  But here on the Old Continent is Tifamade, run by a Tiff who is an expatriate living in Paris, selling and delivering the most beautiful and amazing gourmet sandwiches and cakes, stored in vintage suitcases – on her bicycle!  Quel cool! And check out her tumblr here!

And of the Tsangs?  Well, of course, I have to mention my cool little sis.  Jess is like the super hipster. Lived in Montreal? Check. Lived in the remotest of remote Chinese cities near the Russian border? Check. Studied in Sweden? Check. And somehow manages to have friends in Berlin, Finland, Italy and all across Europe? Check.  I honestly don’t know how she does it and writes on her blog at the same time.

Photos by Bonnie Tsang

And then there’s the Tsangs that are super cool that I totally wish I could be related to.  And weirdly enough, the 2 Tsangs I’ve discovered are siblings! How random!  Bonnie Tsang is a professional photographer working out in California.  Her personal lifestyle blog, BforBonnie is incredibly cute and makes me wonder what kind of life I would have had if my parents had chosen to immigrate to Cali instead of making their first stop in Vancover back in the 60s/70s.  Then there’s her food photographer brother, Donny, who runs the beautiful website Great Food Photosthat documents other amazing food photogs, among his own foodie photographs and ventures to document food culture.  They both totally give me inspiration and motivation to improve my own photography!

Would love to dig into one of these savoury pies right now! Photo by Donny Tsang


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