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Lightness and brightness. Photo by Philip Karlberg, found on From Scandinavia with Love

Golly! It was so incredibly tough to put together a proper title for this post.  The one I ended up using after numerous scans through the dictionary doesn’t exactly fit, but it will have to do.  It’s just that Scandinavia is just so incredibly vast and unexplored for me! My only snippets of information are that it can be cold and remote like Canada, they really love their saunas, clean white lines in their design, and occasionally endure 24 hour periods of light or darkness because they’re so far north.  Kinda crazy, huh? And I’ve made so many great friends of Scandinavian extraction over the years that I thought I’d devote an entire post to the region.  And I know it’s debated among geographers, linguists and historians, but for the purposes of this post, Scandinavia means Sweden, Denmark, Norway AND Finland. So let’s get started!


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Photo by Unknown

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Alphabeat are 2 of my favourite pop bands…and Danish to boot!  They produce some really peppy, multi-instrumental, sometimes chirpy, music that’s perfect to put a great beat into your day and maybe even your fancy dancey pants on! Plus, both bands are oh so adorable.  I totally want to be friends with them, go to their parties, shop with them and dance on stage with them!

And my honourable mention, but not poppy or chirpy, goes to Sondre Lerche and Kings of Convenience (woohoo Norway)!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Major

Alphabeat – Fascination


Photo by Bolaget, found through DesignLoveFest

Scandinavian design is so beyond Ikea.  I mean, I love Ikea, grew up living practically across the street from one and spent far too many weekends at.  But now that I’m a bit wiser, my horizons have been expanded, and all I want is my own little Finnish cottage! And Berliners aren’t the only ones who subscribe to minimalism.  Except Scandinavian architecture and design does it with flair!

Oh so cozy! Photo by Skona Hem via Lovenordic Design Blog

Check out these amazing design blogs and articles for inspiration!

Stylish homes and rooms at Bolaget and Freshome!

Amazing Scandinavian design at From Scandinavia with Love, emmas designblogg and lovenordic design blog and lifestyle at Sötsur.

And find a Finnish or any other Scandinavian sauna near you!  Those things are amazing!


Love this Marimekko Matin Shirt Dress, Photo by Valentina at Threadtrend

I only recently found out that ultimate textile makers, Marimekko are actually Finnish! And a proud Finn told me so!  Anyways – I love Marimekko for its simultaneous minimalism in design and eye-popping patterns! And they make upholstery and home items to boot!

Photo by Samuji

Still in Finland…there’s also the design lab and fashion house, Samuji. And you guessed it, I love the minimalism.

Check out this treasure trove of Stockholm street style at The Sartorialist!

And thanks to my sis, hipster minimalist style maven – check out Bik Bok and Monki!


Yummm - Scandinavian pancakes with Berries by Scandi Foodie

Moreover, it’s not just about Marcus Samuelsson, gravlax, meatballs and lingonberry sauce either.  By way of Germany, I’ve already discovered and fully embraced the Swedish love of pickled herring, or matjes.  But there’s so much more in the smorgasbord like fastlagsbulle and köyhät ritarit and reindeer burgers!

Scandi Foodie, a Finn living in Australia, offers really great recipes from her native land and some fused with her new territories.

How to Make Klad Kakka (Sticky Chocolate Cake) by Kokblog

Johanna Kindvall has a delightfully illustrated kokblog which also brings together a wealth of Scandinavian recipes from all over!

If you’re jet set and into high-end eating, then Very Good Food, is the blog you’re looking for! Trine, a Dane living in Copenhagen, has eaten her way through Scandinavia (and other parts of Baltic Europe) and lived to tell the tale and which Michelin star eateries are worth your while, and other gems to discover!

And if you’re based in London – check out The Scandinavian Kitchen in W1!  I’d been meaning to before I left, but never got around to it and totally regret it now! It looks so cute and tasty!


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