all about…fried noodles!

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Beef chow ho fun (fried rice noodles)! My fave! (Photo by BedfordBID)

From the beginning of time, or at least my time, I have had an unending fondness for fried noodles (meen or mee in many East/Southeast Asian languages).  Sure noodle soup is good, but it can be sloppy.  Noodles on their own, with a sauce on top – equally good, but you really have to make sure the flavours and the noodles get together in a way that’s almost too risky to mention.  Fried noodles do just that.  They blend the flavours of the noodle itself and the toppings in a way that just screams EAT ME!

My faves as a kid were Cantonese style fried vermicelli (ho fun) with beef, spring onions and soy sauce. This was our trusty Chinese take-away standby dish when I was a kid, and probably still is!  And later, when I got over the fact that the noodles resembled worms, Shanghai style fried noodles.

We never actually cooked fried noodles very much at home when I was a kid (we were more of a fried-rice family I guess?), so I never learned the ins and outs of fried noodles (and Asian food too boot)! But I’m finally learning things like…the magic of cornstach! So I thought I’d share some excellent tested recipes for you all from all the corners of noodle-eating Asia!…or some inspiration on some great Asian takeaway!

The Professor’s Drunken Noodles

The Professor's Drunken Noodles - Photo by SmithBites

This is a great vegetarian recipe accompanied with a great story. And what a great use for sake! We made these last week and they were a delish…plus a great break from all that German meat!

Bibim Nenmyun

Photo by Teri and Jenny at SpoonForkBacon

Yum! I love Korean food and soba noodles are currently in vogue for me, so this is perfect! Plus, SpoonForkBacon is a great food site! Check it out!

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng! Photo by My Kitchen Snippets

And finally, there’s Mee Goreng (fried noodles, quite simply)! Whether it’s Mee Goreng in Bahasa-speaking Malaysia and Indonesia, Char Kway Teow in Singapore or Hokkien Mee, fried noodles in Southeast Asia come in so many different forms depending on where in Southeast Asia (or London) you are and who’s responsible for making them (Malay? Chinese? Indian?), but they are always the perfect dirty meal that leaves you satisfied….and you can make them at home too! Check out this recipe!

Oh my gosh! And how could I forget about Pad Thai?

Photo by the Kitchn! Click the photo to read about their take on Bittman's recipe

This was such a great standby for lunch when I was living in Cambodia, or a great drunken snack from a hawker on Khao San Road in Bangkok during a night of partying.  Either way, love pad thai and prefer mine with thin flat rice noodles and lots of lime juice and chillis! Check out this great simple recipe from Mark Bittman! He simplifies it to make it quick and easy! For extra meaty-ness, I would actually roast the tofu in the oven, like in The Professor’s Noodles instead of frying them with the shrimp. Tofu takes a bit longer to brown than the shrimp and you don’t rubbery overcooked shrimp in this dish!


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