BOOO! did i scare ya?

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Creeeepy woods! Photo sourced from Bobwama

Happy Halloween Folks!

Oh my goodness – where do I start?  Halloween in a non-Halloween-celebrating country is freakier than I ever expected?  For the last week, D and I have been driving through a mist that is so dense, you can only see about 2 meters in front of you!  We decided to take a short cut through a field the other night, and our car got enveloped in this thick fog…my heart was going to jump right out of my body, it was beating so hard!  And waking up in the mornings has been creepy like a horror movie set in the English countryside (I can’t wait to see this one)!  No seriously…waking up and looking out the window, there’s been this weird ominous fog drifing over the wall that surrounds D’s family home.  I should also mention that D’s home is located in the heart of the territory covered by the Grimm Brothers…have you read the original versions of their works? Eeeek! It’s as if the creators of the Saw movies took a page from them!

But I’m probably reading far too much into all of this, and should probably share some fun instead….

Source: via Andy on Pinterest

We went to a massive Halloween party at the Burg Frankenstein!  No!  I’m not joking!  And yes, THE Castle Frankenstein that young Mary Shelley was inspired by to write the classic.  While it was a little on the cheesey Halloweeney side, it was a lot of fun and I wish I had better pictures from that night!

And we found these zombie-attack-engagement photos!  Aren’t these the coolest things ever? I know engagement and wedding photos are getting really inspired these days, but I love the creative mind that came up with these for Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee’s engagement announcement!

Photos sourced from The Chive, but belong to Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee

And here are some other fun scary things….

Have you seen American Horror Story yet?  It’s amazing….and the kinda scary that gets under your skin and chills you to the bones!

Aren’t ancient cemeteries awesome?  National Geographic has compiled a list of the Top 10 Cemeteries! I don’t think cemeteries are scary…they’ve got that quiet and serene quality that make them excellent places to read in!  My favourite cemetery so far, Brompton Cemetery, was across the street from my flat in London!

This is not so scary, or maybe it is.  Have you heard of the Trick-or-Treat Index? It’s real and used to summarize child safety, development, creativity and economy of cities! Craziness!

Dario Argento is the godfather of Italian giallo films (horror, kinda like grindhouse, but way classier).  I’ve always been tempted to watch them, but I know for sure nightmares will follow and I won’t have a man to watch them with since D shies away from anything of the scream-inducing nature.  But, when I can get the courage up, Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy is totally on my Must Watch List!

And finally…aren’t thesethe most amazingly carved pumpkins?

Photos by Ray Villafane at Villafane Studios


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