who knew i’d dive into disco and coldplay??

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"NYC's Finest Disco Orchestra!" Disc cover from Music for Perfect People

No…don’t worry – not disco Coldplay….but the two entities separately!

Let’s start with the disco! It was inevitable.  First I fell for the 80s last month, I’ve always loved ABBA (and I’m not afraid to admit this), the BeeGees aren’t bad on most occassions….and this morning, when I found myself searching for some fun new tunes….what Pitchfork describes as “New York’s lush disco crew”, Escort, popped into my ear lines. Even better – I discovered that they’re a 17-piece disco orchestra! And heck, with all these serious cover letters I’m writing about health and development, equity funds and health insurance, maternal mortality and corruption, I need a pick-me-up!

Escort – Caméleon Chameleon (Club Remix)

They even did a really rad re-fashioning of some old Muppets footage for a music video! Superfun!

Escort – All Through the Night

By Lyrics2LiveBy's Tumblr! Check it out! Wouldn't they make really cool prints?

And now for the Coldplay….I’m not talking about their new album, Mylo Xyloto (which to be honest, I’m not too crazy about).  I’m talking about some amazing artists covering Coldplay songs.  I’ve never been a massive fan of Coldplay – I mean, they do produce some pretty fly singles that play best at those moments of emotional intensity in life and film; but…nothing that amazing that gets my engines roaring…Until I heard these covers of Coldplay songs that Stereogum put together!  Willy Nelson! Noal & the Whale! Ellie Goulding!  And the Pet Shop Boys? I love these re-imaginings of some of Coldplay’s biggest hits!  Here are some faves!

Willie Nelson – The Scientist

Pet Shop Boys – Viva La Vida/Domino – this one’s a secret fave. I know it’s super-euro clubhouse-y but I can’t help but love it!

Noah & the Whale – Paradise


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