fall fashion…a preppy redux

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Stepping right into the fall...Photo from Sorakeem's Tumblur

We are meaning to move somewhere sub-tropical, hot and humid, and where it isn’t frowned upon for men to wear flip flops (aka thongs for the aussies!) to work.  Okay, maybe not flip flops, but sandals of a casual nature.  But there’s something about the styles that emerge during the fall season that I simply love.  It’s not quite winter yet, where you have to bundle yourself until all that’s peaking out under that big parka are your eyes.  Instead, the air is crisp, but you can still wear a thin jacket and shoes since the snow hasn’t yet fallen.

So while I was researching my post on styling the academic bad-ass, I stumbled upon 2 amazing tumblrs that hit my inspiration-needs right on the nose! By the way, if you don’t know the power that is Tumblr yet, read all about this thriving social media start-up that’s fueling the web-of-style here!

Love this outfit! Photo from SoraKeem's Tumblr

SoraKeem is really seriously crispy cool and I love her hip and of that understated and minimalist nature that I thrive on. It’s the presumably midtown or Brooklyn stylings that make me miss autumn, when school was just starting out in Toronto.  She nails preppy, cool, and that autumnal meditation…right on the dot.

Prep with an edge! Photo from Nantucket Youth's Tumblr

And of course, Nantucket Youth.  The name says it all, doesn’t it?  It’s all EastCoast, here baby.  But yet, a little sprinkling of Shoreditch and Oxbridge sometimes too.  So we can say more or less that Anglo-Atlantic look?  Totally reminds me of when I got to go to the Henley Regatta this past summer!


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