secrets of the season…the intellectual bad-ass.


The pince nez, totally chic on the right academic nose! Photo by La Carte Postale

Photo from Nantucket Youth's Tumblr

Somehow, over conversation this summer, it was revealed that yes, I was once in a Latin club during highschool.  And yes, we competed in a Classics Conference against other schools.  I specialised in Roman History and words with Latin roots…and no, it was not quite as nerdy as i sounds since about half of us played rugby and our dear leader was Mr. Track Star.  But after the giggling subsided, my friends Jo and Steph immediately started raving about what sounded like a mysterious book about a clan of classics students gone awry at a quiet upper class private college in Vermont.  Of course, this caught my interest and I finally finished it after diving in a couple of weeks ago. WARNING! There are SPOILERS below!!!!

totally brooding academic waspy northeast.....Photo from Nantucket Youth

And exactly this too....Photo from Nantucket Youth's Tumblr

And my goodness – Donna Tartt’s The Secret History captures the study of the classics spot on and adds a bit of a sociopathic twisted youth component to it.  Like, I wish my education mirrored this one, but at the same time, am incredibly relieved it wasn’t!  Even more – it’s a great book for the fall – enchanting in the way that autumn in the Northeast of the US and Canada can be, and totally mystifying and absorbing in the way that studying the classics can capture you.  I might even call it a modern classic if I were more of a literary buff.  But anyways – the magical thing about The Secret History are its enigmatic sextet of classics students who commit a murder among their ranks, which our fish-out-of-water protagonist goes on to describe throughout the novel, in addition to their dissolution as friends and individuals.  The best thing about this clan is that their just swimming in money – which means that their clothes are just as intense and enigmatic as the story.  So inspired by Henry, Charles, Camilla, Bunny, Francis and Richard, here are some outfits that I would most definitely clothe them in if I had it my way!  Peacoats, thick knits, pince-nezs, capes and brooding intellectual bad-ass all the way.  Sadly, I couldn’t find any non-Halloween photos of men in capes.

Photo by Keiko Lynn


7 thoughts on “secrets of the season…the intellectual bad-ass.

  1. I think you should add a spoiler alert…….! But glad you like the book….

  2. great point! thanks for the recommendation, jo!

  3. Loved that book too 🙂

  4. Hmm what a boring comment I’ve just made

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