a feast for the eyes….

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A Classic Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with Fontina and Blueberry Ginger Jam Grilled Cheese Sandwiches by Lemon Fire Brigade, via Food Gawker

It’s always been said – we eat with our eyes, right?  And hey – we all love our food porn.  So here are a couple of sites which allow you to do just that!  And better yet – they all come with recipes!

The European fall has descended upon us over here, which means a lot of meats and stews, which can be really ungodly heavy (but at the same time, sublime heaven!) – but what I really miss and want are fresh and colourful veggies that pop in colour and burst with flavour.  Where better to find that than FoodGawker? It serves as a gallery to stimulate culinary adventures.  Love it!

Peach shortbread by Smitten Kitchen!

Smitten Kitchen, which has almost become my bible of good recipes, is also a feast for the eyes.  And even better, the photos help you to walk through the different steps of the recipes!

Photo by Cooking in Sens, via FoodPornDaily

And of course, there’s my standard – FoodPornDaily.  Amazing for inspiration and what to try next when venturing out into the culinary landscapes.  While I was in the libraries of London, writing my dissertation, if you looked at my screen at any given moment, there was a very high chance you’d see me on this site.


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