we went to frankfurt…but it was occupied

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Yesterday, we decided to emerge from our rural digs and head into the city to get reacquainted with society and all its comforting offerings.  The day included desperately needed haircuts in the hands of a trustworthy stylist, Asian supermarkets (where I bought myself a lifetime supply of nori) and the Occupy Frankfurt movement that has made its immigration across the Atlantic. So I made sure to bring Nelly the Nikon to document the social movement.  And here are some of my photos from the shindig.

A translation is probably not needed, but why not - "We are the 99%"

Where else better to stage an occupation and demonstration against social and economic inequality than Frankfurt, where the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as other institutions like Deutsche Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, are housed?  So all of this took place right in front of the ECB, with a diverse mix of demonstrators – from your usual black-clad anarchists and your dreadlocked reformists, to families who wanted positive economic reforms (like improved wages and salaries) to sustain themselves, and more importantly, a youth that had previously been described as apathetic to the politikon of Deutschland and Europa.  While it must be accepted these kinds of movements won’t directly stimulate the change that Europe seems to need most now, it may hopefully set in motion some of the steps that it, and the world, needs to get out of this economic rut.  I think that everyone agrees that there needs to be a better way to distribute wealth, and that the existing money that does fund health and social programs is not being used to its utmost efficiency, in terms of allocation and welfare priorities, especially with that unfortunate slap of the invisible hand of the market.  And its up to citizens to demand this; just like Kennedy said decades ago – “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Tranlation - Ethicks rather than greed.

Translation - The revolution is now.

I overheard conversation which called this dog, "der demohund" - definitely my new favourite protest term. Oh and the translation to der demohund - "I eat bankers"

Das occupation.

All photos in this post, unless otherwise noted, by infinitiff.  Please do not reproduce or use without permission).


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