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I wish I had this closet....or a closet at all...this closet belongs to AnnaKim Violette (artist and daughter of Tom Petty!) by The Selby

It’s so incredibly annoying being unemployed.  It means that going out, shopping and fun stuff that generally involves money lowers itself in the priority list.  It also means I have to be a bit more creative with what I have…which I’ve realized in the past days is a treasure trove.  Which is even funnier because I’m supposed to be living out of a suitcase, yet if i were to move this all somewhere else, I’d probably need at least 5 or 6.  In the last year, I moved my worldly possessions from Cambodia to Canada, picked up some warm things back home, then off to London, brought even more stuff back from Cambodia, and some how, thanks to some strategic thinking and generous British Airways baggage allowances, I somehow got it all over here to the German countryside.  Anyways – enough of where my stuff has been – how am I going to use it all?

So for inspiration – here are some of my fave style blogs out there. These ones are definitely for the working girl.  The hip ones that can’t quite afford the Christian Laboutins, the dresses from Theysken or outfits from Isabel Marant.  I’d rather sit with these girls in the cafeteria.

My always hip friend Claire raved about Karla’s Closet and she got me hooked!  I’m an especially big fan of how Karla mastered the army green cargo pants look!  It’s a fave of mine, ever since seeing Carrie Bradshaw in the outfit on Sex and the City at a tender age….

Karla is simply cooool.

At the top of the list of cool 26 year old New Yorkers out there is Keiko Lynn, a gorgeous and rising designer on the Williamsburg scene and an incredibly apt stylist.  She’s definitely an inspiration on pattern and colour pairings, I love her cats-eye glasses and she taught me how to tie a head scarf! (mine were always unraveling before she came along!)

(Photo by Keiko Lynn)

And I have to mention a French chic(k) right? Well Punky-B’s Fashion Diary is definitely it.  I love her straight-from-the-vintage-markets-of-Paris styles and the way she combines cool bohemian and ethnic patterns and styles into her cool wardrobe.

(Photo by Punky-B)

Finally – the web-mags.  I spent my post-Thanksgiving morning, stomach still full, and happily lazing about reading Refinery29 and everything that is coming up and about to explode out of the style-hotpots brewing in NYC, SanFran and Londres…

But of course, we can’t take all of this too seriously and HelloGiggles is the one that rounds out the bunch of high-minded style blogs.  The brainchild of ultimate cool-maven Zooey Deschanel, producer – Sophia Rossi and writer/Internet sensation Molly McAleer, HelloGiggles is the answer to all of your entertainment, angry fembot ranting, ecstatic raving needs.  If you find yourself bored to death at the office one day…I can guarantee that you’ll find a reason to live here.

(Photo by HelloGiggles)


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