feeling like it’s fall…

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Photo from Etsy via Isle of View

Hey there!  I knew it was too good to be true. Summer couldn’t have been with us forever.  But this Canuck is still holding onto the last bits and insists on wearing shorts and sandals in inappropriate weather.  In any case, the leaves are getting bright red in these parts of Deutschland and the sights and smells totally remind me of home, romping through the mind-blowing colours of fall in southern Ontario, my favourite time and place in Canada.  And like all seasons, this one deserves a soundtrack.  Cool Hunting (a seriously so hip it hurts site) have put together a splendid one.  I love the combo of the urban, funk and hipster beats. Hope it can provide a lovely background to your strolls through those crunchy leaves in sweet smelling air, or a city sidewalk in the crisp air!

Cool Hunting’s Harvest Playlist

My favourite tunes on this mix are Blood Orange’s Champagne Coast. Little Richard’s Midnight Special and the sounds of the 80s supplied by Holy Ghost! Check ’em out!

PS – Since this is now my 2nd autumn in Europe, I can now firmly conclude that this ain’t no Canadian/north-eastern autumn!  It’s downright coooolllllllllld in these parts!


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