what a cool album!

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I may have said before in a previous post that I thought that the season’s tunes had left me uninspired and disappointed.

Boy, was I wrong (judging from the previous posts!) and I definitely let my preconceived notions lead me the wrong way on this one.  I was finally introduced to tUnE yArDs while listening to front-woman Merrill Garbus being interviewed on CBC Radio’s Q (more on that later!).  What I had previously thought were sounds too avant garde for these plebian ears actually turned out to be amazing, harmonious, crazy and downright fun and perfect for the inter-seasonal weather we’re currently experiencing on this side of the Atlantic.

tUnE yArDs’ sound is hard to describe.  And I just have to share it. It’s a jack-in-the-box of layered harmonies, jazz, Africano and pop elements fused by the bendy waves of Garbus’ voice which does things I never thought a human voice could.  At one point she sounds down right masculine, and in others she’s channeling a fierce feminine mystique.  And even better – she’s probably playing a ukelele, drums and other percussion while doing so too!

Check out tUnE yArDs!


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