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I recently acquired an iPad (woohoooo!!!) and one of the first things I downloaded was Björk’s new iPad-app-based album, Biophilia.  Now this tweeks both the inner geek and nerd in me.  It’s so incredibly cool.  I must tell you about it.

The entire album is based on sight, sound, touch and education.  It’s crazy that you are actually learning about the way life works from it.  The way it works is this: you’ve got your Biophilia App, which you can download for free on your iPad.  From there, it works as both a centre for Biophilia fun and to download individual songs from Björk’s Biophilia album.  Each song, which each cost $1.99, has another associated app that comes with an instrument (and not just any instrument!), an interactive playground and educational section about the section of nature you’ll be exploring.  Check out the above Youtube video to see how to play Virus!

And it’s so trippy!  The only one I have right now is called Virus, and it bolted me right back to my undergraduate days studying molecular biology, viral loads, translation, transcription and all that jazz.  I even had the chance to penetrate a cell, replicate and explode!  Meanwhile, D looked on in horror as he realized how much of a nerd for molecular biology I can be.

And for the not-so-Björky cohorts, my fantastic friend Sofia sent me this little hipster ditty today by Darwin Deez.  It’s about the stuff that we’re made of….yunno…DNA!

Darwin Deez – DNA


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