there’s a little place in london…

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…where you can sing your heart out among good friends and battle for the microphone with a much older Chinese man, who has obviously been practicing the art of karaoke since likely before you were born.  Welcome to Eat + Drink Chinese (11 Artillery Passage, E1 7LJ)

Located in the heart of the Aldgate/Liverpool Street area of (almost) east London, I spent a great reunion night with friends last weekend.  The place is operated by a family from Hong Kong and they do serve what I can only perceive to be decent HK-based Chinese fare, but the prime reason to come to Eat + Drink Chinese is the karaoke.  Unlike most other places in London that demand you to rent a karaoke room for upwards of £40 per hour, Eat + Drink Chinese allows you to eat, drink and sing your heart out for FREE (!!!), to the tune of a bottle of TsingTao.

While it looks like they haven’t changed their decor since they opened, the owners are friendly, they have an Encyclopedia Britannica-sized catalogue of songs to choose from and they will let you and your inebriated choir sing until you notice that you’ve lost your voice. The clientele is the local Liverpool Street banker type, so do expect many a business-attired clan to share the microphone with.

It totally harkened me back to my days in Phnom Penh, when my friends and I took our lungs to Mr. Cho’s – a Korean-owned establishment of similar organisation.  Check it out if you’re ever there and need to sing your heart out!

NB – Hanson’s MmmBop may seem incredibly tempting, but when you’ve already knocked back a few, the words will seem like they’re jumping at you a mile a minute!  A better choice? Spandau Ballet’s Gold…where your voice will seem INDESTRUCTIBLE…..


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