on the road…with big fruit

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This post is all about big stuff...

I’m finally settled in Germany, and back to blogging!  The past few days of travel, birthdays, freaking out about birthdays and unemployment are now gone and I’m back to writing about random stuff!

I’m a big fan of road trips, and while we were in Canada, driving from Toronto to Ottawa along the Apple Route of Highway 401, we just had to make this one stop…at the Big Apple of Cramahe, Ontario!

It seemed a lot bigger when I was a kid...

So inspired by this random roadside attraction which seemed so much bigger when i was 5 years old…I found myself looking through their gallery of BIG roadside attractions.  Canada’s got a random motley crue of them.

Like the massive Canadian Goose of Wawa, Ontario

...or the massive nickel of Sudbury, Ontario!

But I found that it’s Australia, who is definitely dominates the random roadside attractions which solely involve BIG fruit! Like…

The big pineapple of Nambour, Queensland!

It's the big banana of Coff's Harbour, New South Wales!

And of course...the Big Mandarin of Mundubbera, NSW

So if you ever find yourself on those stretches of highway in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the US…look out of these guys. the big kiwi


One thought on “on the road…with big fruit

  1. Thanks for your pics of the “big Pineapple”, the “Big Banana” etc. My close friend dreamt up and started the “Big Apple” in Cramahe Twp. He told us years ago that he was inspired by these weird big fruits in Australia where he’d lived for many years – I always thought he was “pulling my leg”. Nice to actually see them!

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