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So, I decided to go shopping instead of going off to find last minute tickets for Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope.  Instead…our last TIFF film in Canada was Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive…which was simply amazing.  Words can’t describe it.  And I can really see why this year’s Cannes audience and committee loved it so much.  Ryan Gosling is perfect, including his awkwardly high-pitched and slightly nasal voice in his 2nd of 2 TIFF films this year.  Carey Mulligan can indeed act American pretty well.  And Ron Perelman and Bryan Cranston are brilliant as usual.

But what’s even better is a brilliant soundtrack.  They capture that 80s vibe of LA that’s both sublimely innocent and slightly seedy in the most perfect way.  Here are a couple of my favourite tunes from the film. They just make me want to get my license and drive into the California sunset!
College (ft. Electric Youth) – Real Hero

Desire – Under Your Spell

Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx – Nightcall

And if you want to relive the good ol’ days of classic cinema, please check out the trailer and see it! Just to warn you….some unrelenting violence though….there’s a limit to head stomping for me!


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