beer, shipping containers and airbnb…

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Yet another amazing use for shipping containers...

How do the 3 fit together?  Well, D and I are heading back to Deutschland soon and Oktoberfest just kicked off in Munich!  Unfortunately, Munich’s Oktoberbest is essentially for those who are able and willing to pay exorbitant prices for beer and accomodation, and I hear that the Oktoberfests of local towns are just way more awesome since drunken Germans are funner than drunken foreigners.

For those who are making the journey to Munich this year, there’s an alternative! Airbnb is now offering the WiesnLoft for 2!  Yup! For $137/night you can have your own shipping container to sleep off that massive hangover.

So if you’re thinking of heading over for the world’s most awesome beerfest…you’ve got till October 4th and book soon!


One thought on “beer, shipping containers and airbnb…

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