café…la troisième vague

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care of Dark Horse @ Queen x Spadina, tdot

When you’ve got a visitor with you, there are things that all of a sudden pop about your hometown that you never quite noticed before…like how I’m now convinced that Toronto has the highest number of Starbucks per capita in the world…which brings me to the subject of coffee in the tdot.  I simply forgot how plentiful it is here, and how there’s all these new words for it….cold brew and 3rd wave coffee in particular.  Fine – we had lots of cold brew in London, but I just thought it was a passing fab and continued to order my Americanos and flat whites.  But over dinner with my always-in-the-know sis, she kept going on about 3rd wave coffee!  Read all about it here and here, but basically, all you need to know about 3rd wave coffee is that it’s here to stay.  First wave coffee was all about making the coffee, second wave coffee was all about getting it to everyone via the corporate machinery of Starbucks and family.  And Third Wave Coffee?  It’s all about improving coffee – whether its improving the flavour of the bean, the roasting and distilling methods…think of it as artisanal coffee!

And more importantly – good coffee is a staple ingredient to survive TIFF with.  So before I left London, my amazing foodie buddy Sofia sent me Serious Eat’s Guide to Coffee in Toronto…and all of these places definitely specialize in the 3rd Wave.

Time to get caffeinated!


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