a triptych for tiff…

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Toronto is simply buzzing with TIFF.  I tried to make dinner reservations today and the hostess I spoke to simply said…”Yunno, I can’t really say…it’s opening night for TIFF” when I asked about our likelihood of getting a walk-in table.  This only means that times are about to get pretty busy in TIFF and this city which has always been alive, will now be practically on ecstacy.  Let the festival begin!!!

And so, I’ve compiled some immediate potential hits that this year’s festival has to offer. If you’re in town – check them out!  If not…they’ll be coming to a theater near you soon!

Hometown Favourite – Take This Waltz, written and directed by Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley’s a hometown girl, not to be mistaken by her childstar days on the PEI-set Road to Avonlea.  Polley had her first hit at TIFF back in 2006 with the wrenching Alzheimer’s drama, Away from Her…and she’s back with yet another relationship deconstructor – Take this Waltz, which, funnily enough, stars Michelle Williams who starred in last year’s TIFF relationship drama, Blue Valentine.  But besides big Hollywood talent in a Canadian film, it’s also set in Toronto!  And it’s got Canadian homeboy Seth Rogen (sporting a very new svelte physique!)

Russian Fever! Faust, directed by Alexander Sokurov

Sokurov is also a festival fave and I had the opportunity to see him at the festival in 2002 with his amazing piece, Russian Ark – a single shot history of the famed Hermitage Museum in Moscow.  This year, he returns with his interpretation of Faust, Goethe and Mann’s elegy on thirst for power, which also culminates Sokurov’s own tetralogy on Men of Power.  With a very capable Russian at the helm of this piece, I’ve definitely got expectations of greatness!

Hollywood Misfit! The Descendants, directed by Alexander Payne

2 great men make this piece – Alexander Payne and George Clooney.  And really, that’s all I should have to mention.  We’re seeing this on Saturday and I just can’t wait!


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