a song for a moment…

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once again - Karolina - I'm so sorry I had to photoshop you in! Also far more people should be photoshopped into this!

So my Master’s degree is finally done!!!  I should be happy, but the inevitable has happened – I will soon be parting ways with London and with these amazing friends I’ve made throughout this year.  The deadline was a tad bittersweet…the pain of writing this seemingly unending 10 000 word behemoth now over, but having to say “see you later” to a group of people I just spent the last months in the library with, practically everyday (our Library Support Group some might say).  We suffered through it all….word counts, referencing, unending literature reviews, stata breakdowns, computer breakdowns, 1230pm lunches and 4pm coffee breaks….everything (and exams!) together and I will miss you all dearly.

Anyways guys…that was a great year and thanks for being there.  As always, I feel like a song goes well with moments like these.  This one’s from the amazing old Empire Records soundtrack…(thanks Courtney for reminding me about this!)…

The The – This is the Day


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