what’s cooking?

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A funny thing happened the other day…After I described to my D about everything I had decided to cook one night, he remarked “So…you’re stressed?”  I love that he totally recognizes my need to let out tension by cooking large quantities of food!

Anyways, I promised a couple of friends I’d post what I’ve been cooking for the past days. So here they are! Thank you to Smitten Kitchen and The Kitchn for entertaining my “I need to stop looking at this dissertation”-related diversions into the food world of the web.

Mmmmmm Courgette Fritters...thank you Cook Your Dream!

Courgette/Zucchini Fritters….I made another batch of these on Monday.  They’re suppressing the animal that lives inside my belly that occassionally growls.  I’m so sorry to my cubicle-mates about the profound smell of garlic that might be wafting from mine.

Hearty and homey! Thank you NYTimes!

Sausage and Bean Stew…..On one of my escapes to Brixton, I went straight to the Las Americas Butchers on Pope’s Road for their chorizo colombiano.  These were amazing in a stew.  Definitely spicey, with lots of fat and some tendons poking around, but delicious nonetheless!  Because I’m on quick-and-easy dissertation dinners right now, I substituted the dried white beans for a can of butter beans, and some of the water with a can of chopped tomatoes to make for some fast hearty cooking. Exactly what I needed for that rainy London night.

Thank you SeriousEats via the Kitchn!

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad with Ginger-Peanut Dressing…I love this one for the sour, sweet, peanutty, noodly, chickeny….goodness of it all!  My flatmate fell in love with it too!  I highly recommend you go out and get the soba noodles for this one.  Enjoy!

Thank you SmittenKitchen!!!

Baked Chicken Meatballs…..i really really liked these and you can do so much with them too!  I used some Nduja (a spicey and spreadable Calabrian sausage that my amazing friend Jon brought back for me from Rome) in place of the pancetta and it definitely made the meatballs pop!

Once again, thank you sooo much SmittenKitchen - your recipes are a dream!

Ooooh and dessert!  This is the Guinness Ganache’d Goodness (Chocolate Stout Cake) I got from Smitten Kitchen and made so much cake, it lasted us 2 days and a bit! The ganache definitely sealed the deal here too! The friends/fellow dissertators loved it.

Most versatile cake recipe ever! Once again, SmittenKitchen, you never fail!

And finally, this is the amazing yogurt cake that you can do anything with!  My flatmate (who is the most amazing baker ever…and she has a certificate for this too!) introduced me to this one and I haven’t stopped since then. I’ve replaced the blueberries with apples and cinnamon, there’s plans for raspberries too.  You just can’t do this recipe wrong!

Happy Cooking!!!!


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  1. The Baked Chicken Meatballs look divine and I am putting that on my to-cook list asap! I love the variety of dishes you’ve compiled here. Yum.

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