distractions, distractions…

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digressions, distractions....dissertations.

It’s the 11th hour and what am I doing in the blogosphere? I still have 1491 words to get rid of so I won’t fail this thing and yet I find myself oddly attracted to this minimalistically designed foodie webmagazine that I discovered from the NYTimes Style Mag (confession – when I was supposed to be in the computer lab on Sunday, editing my first draft, I got distracted…).

The Food Life (how charmingly named!) is like the Sartorialist of food.  At least that’s what they’re striving to be.  That’s right, it’s a way of getting the tastemakers to the tasters.  But it’s not just chefs! It’s the creative class, the people who are experimenting, the people who are looking, and the ones forging the pathway on trends like molecular gastronomy (more on that later).  The blog was created by Lauren Levinger, a former market associate for the Hollywood institution, CAA  and Michael King, a fashion publicist – so these are people in the know of the hot and trendy.  It’ll be interesting to see what underground treasures they dig up!

Back to my dissertation now, but bon appetit!


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