all about pop ups…in london!

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Dark chocolate fudge cake, elderflower ice cream and strawberries with vanilla mascarpone and a glass of sparkling rosé! Now that is Whizz! Bang! Pop!

So it appears that the next few posts will be dedicated to one of my many important loves…food!  And right now, the pop-up restaurant scene in Londontown!  It’s appears that this food trend is here to stay and since I’ll be departing the ancient streets of Londonium soon, I thought I’d share the fruits of my searches!

Quail wrapped in pancetta with spinach & ricotta stuffing and crushed new potatoes. Yummmmm

My favourite pop-up restaurant here is most definitely WhizzBangPop!!!!  My health policy nutty cum foodie friends and I made a sojourn to one of their meals during our epic examination madness back in May.  And since I hold the French to be the barometers of all things gastro, I am happy to report that our 2 French connections were very satisfied!

WhizzBangPop are a trio of 3 very amazing young London ladies who make their keep in the food industry.  Together, Eliza and Charlie, who are both resident chefs of high end catering firms, and Emily, a sommelier at the River Cafe, create amazing meals with delicious wine-pairings!  And even better, this all takes place overlooking the lovely Thames in Hammersmith.  We had a great group of friends, a lot of delicious wine each lovingly described by Emily and an amazing 3 course meal with 4 different and amazingly paired wines to satisfy our study-soured-souls.  I couldn’t think of a better meal to precede my journey back to the library.  Sign up on their Facebook group to learn about when their next amazing meal will happen next!


The next pop-up in London I tried this year was the very creative and innovative Rambling Restaurant.  Run by 3 ladies who call food their soul mate, they definitely got points for innovation!  As I mentioned in a previous post, we had our meal at the Urban Physic Garden, where the ladies had set up shop for the summer in the Rambulance (a decommissioned ambulance converted into a kitchen!).  While the meal was indeed tasty and used the spread of herbs available from their resident garden, something was amiss.  They didn’t quite have a hostess, and as customers, we never quite knew what was going on…so I have to agree with some of the points made by the Lemurs are Hungry.

Rambling and yummy creme brulee!

But that said, points for effort and innovation and I really can’t wait to see what the Rambling ladies have planned next!

Beautiful Francescas and beautiful food!

The final pop-ups are the one I never got a chance to enjoy!  Francesca’s Secret Kitchen took a break this summer and I’m sad to report that I didn’t have time to discover their rustic Italian cuisine this year! But the photos on their website look amazing.  The Francescas (there are 2 of them of course!) make rustic Italian fare for this supperclub and it’s all made fresh and served in their home!  For those of you still in Londontown, they cook twice a month on evenings and weekends and should be back for this fall – I really do hope you can give the Francescas a try and tell me all about it!

Oh and one more!  This one goes out to my good friend Jo, a lover of good food, movies and my link to all that is amazing in Londontown.  I just quite literally discovered this place from an amazing website called I Know This Great Little Place in London.  More about that later.  I want to talk about Skulls and Cupcakes, a cine-supper club who put my favourite things – food and movies – together!  Don’t get their name wrong – it’s not gothic and dark at all.  Instead, it’s light and fluffy like their cupcakes!  Coming from Italy, Mr. & Mrs. Skulls have put together a cinema-inspired laboratory cum bakery of creative peeps and hold events every so often! Find out about their next one here and tell me all about it too!


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