she had me at hello…


(Photo by Sane – Darren Firth)

And her name is Tiffany too!  I stumbled upon Tiffany Shinn’s blog via Shannon Eileen’s Happiness Is… blog.  Well it turns out that awesome bloggers run in tight circles because she and Shannon are bffs!  Tiffany writes the “Sex and the City meets food” blog, Eat Your Heart Out LA.  And the moment I read the story of the blog, it was love at first bite. I love her multi-culturality, since many of us seem to harbour various identities these days (I’m Chinese-Canadian with feet on at least 3 continents and 5 countries these days), and the fact that she is living the LIFE in LA!

PS – it also feels really weird to write about someone who shares your name.

PPS – Had a lovely dinner with friends at South Indian veggie resto, Diwana Bhel-Poori House, last night in the old Little India in London.  That thali was tremendous! I think I’m still stuffed this morning! Wish I had cared to take a picture of the vibrantly coloured arrangement! Unfortunately, yet another day in the library had left me simply ravenous and little thought was taken before I took the leap!


2 thoughts on “she had me at hello…

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention! It is so nice to discover Infinitiff and I’m looking forward to viewing this bright, beautiful world through another Tiff’s eyes.

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