the uncluttered life…

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I wonder if I would feel lonely in this bedroom. Too minimalista?

As I wind down my time in London, I can’t help but go bonkers thinking where and how I’ll be transporting all this stuff!  I’ve very much a pack rat, and I suppose you can define me by the things I have with me, in my purse, on my walls, around my home…but geez…being peripatetic and a pack-rat do not go hand-in-hand! I just want to take everything with me, everywhere!


What’s even funnier is that my mate is a minimalist-chic Deutsche, who appreciates clean lines; and so is one my best friends back home.  While I do love those clean lines myself, I’m more partial to the fashion-sort-of-minimalism (think Berlin and turtlenecks) and have a more…maximising sense of space, trying to cram something into every nook and cranny.

Until I discovered The Pursuit Aesthetic Tumblr.  He (I assume it’s a he!) has got a great eye for the minimal, the single, the one.  Check it out!

But still, I wonder what type of personality it takes to achieve the minima? Both my D and my Anj are so similar in ways (I can’t wait for them to meet!).  And yet so different from me.  Will I ever be able to live cleanly or will I forever be besotted to a slightly messy hygienically cluttered life?


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  1. btw, we have a storage unit full of your high school screenplays.

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