all about shipping containers!

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Alright, so a certain someone in my life has an irrational fear of shipping containers.  I think it’s probably the potential of claustrophobia if one is stuck in one that gets to him.  Or perhaps it’s fact that if one falls on you, you’ll get utterly flattened (which is what happened on an episode of CSI!).  They just give him the heebie jeebies.

(Photo by Urban Review)

But I think they are rather cool – especially what you can do with them! You can turn them into small spaces and big spaces!

You can turn them into your home in the desert! Or put them all together to make one big house!

This one isn’t the one that happened in Brooklyn…but Mexico City! How cool and bright and sunny!

You can use it as a pop-up store in NYC! (Which is what the design-lab, 3rd Ward, did this past week!)

I just love it when items are reclaimed and refashioned!


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