where I’d rather be avec mes amis….

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(or rather…where the well-heeled and creative hang…)

My buddies and I are currently holed up in the libraries of London.  This afternoon, some of them defected over to Gotham City Hall, or Senate House.  But the computers are so modern there, they pose a distraction. So I’ve decided to stay here and chill out with Robert Koch, John Snow and other hygiene-revolutionary friends.

But really, I’d definitely rather be chilling out at the Surf Shack in Montauk, NY with my peeps and darling D.  Developed by advertising whiz kid, Richard Christiansen of Chandalier Creative, it’s a rental property that he sometimes uses as a retreat for his own staff.  The place is all the rage right now with style bloggers Garance, The Sartorialist and various other members of the NYC design community hanging out there.  In other words, it’s very “at the moment.”  Yet for all it’s potential pretentiosity, it sounds pretty zen and I love the incorporated elements of American and Australian beach blanket bingo, since Mr. Christiansen, himself is an Aussie expat in America.

(Photo by NYTimes)

I’d check it out. Most definitely, and I’d love for all of you to join me, with your very own teepee too!

Now that, my friends…is summer.

Read more about it here!

And while we’re talking about friends, beach houses and summer….here’s a favourite movie of mine for 2011.  It was shown at TIFF in 2010 and this Tiff saw it this past summer and loved it! Les Petites Mouchoirs, by the amazing Guillaume Canet, is a little darker than a summer film should be, but it’s still got Bordeaux fun through most of it! Check it out!


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