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C'est magnifique, non?

(Photo by Studio.Office Blog)

How dreamy is this?  Imagine a night…a secret one, where only the select 10 000 get to go.  You’re in Paris, all dressed in white, along with thousands of other stylish and equally be-decked diners, in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris or the courtyard of the Louvre, about to have a deliciously decadent meal and one of the most magical nights ever…they’ve even got opera singers to serenade you!  That would be Dîner en Blanc.  It is essentially a secret flash-mob pop-up dinner party, among those in the know, in a very ridiculously cool location.  They notify you by text, you dress up in white and everything gets set up in 15 minutes flat!  It’s been going on since 1988!  And they didn’t even have smartphones then, so those must have been super mysterious!

New York City is about it have its own first Dîner en Blanc tomorrow night (one one just past us by in Montreal!) and I’m oh so excited and jealous for them!  To find out more about potential Diner en Blanc-s occuring in a city near you, check out their website and read about it on the NYTimes!  The North American ones aren’t so exclusive thank goodness, but in a way…that kinda takes away from the magic of it all, n’est pas?

I leave you with something French, something summery and something kinda magical. Though my French connection has informed me that Francoise has gone the way of Sarah Palin.  Quelle tristesse.
Francoise Hardy – Le Temps de l’Amour


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