thank you, danke, und merci!

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hello friends and lovers,

thank you for visiting my blog!  no seriously!  it’s cool getting feedback from you all!  best of all was when karolina and jon offered modifications to my last post!  in return, i have something cool to post tonight!  The Muppets have asked OK GO, purveyors of the ultra-cool you-tube sensation-becoming music video, to cover their theme song!  And the accompanying video just debuted today!  It’s fun! It’s silly!  It takes me back to the good ol’ days when it was just me and the Jim Henson show.  And eventhough i have to say it’s not as good as their other videos, it’s perfect for a mid-dissertation distraction!

Enjoy! And Thank you!

PS – Check out OK Go’s other amazing viral videos while you’re at it!  These are my faves: All is Not Lost, Here It Goes Again, and A Million Ways


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