all about fonts!


Times New Roman all the way...

Today’s very random post is about fonts.  Yes…typography, letters, numbers, Arial, Times New Roman…you get the picture.

It actually comes about because of the revelation among us dissertating that we must submit our dissertation in Arial font, size 11.  Over lunch with my girlfriends yesterday, this elicited a massive sigh.  “Ugh…not a fan,” remarked one of my friends.  And yeah…Arial? Seriously?  I’ve just spent the past month writing mine in Times New Roman, size 11, with Cambria headings and sub-headings.  It looks so much more academic and pleasant in that way; especially when I’m explaining the nitty and the gritty about cholera.  Arial on the other hand, elicits this feeling of “i’m an official report from a bureaucratic land far away, where we tell you to do things and order you around.” As some would type..pffffffffffffffffff.

And moreover, fonts are really important to design and the way we perceive things.  So much so that Simon Garfield just wrote a book about it.  Not only can you read Just My Type: A book About Fonts, but you can watch a doco called Helvetica, on the subject matter too, or rather, just that one font!  That’s just how important they are!

PS – my dear friend and fellow dissertator, Karolina via out other very informed friend Jon, just informed me that no…we don’t need to use Arial! So ha! I can retain my air of high-minded academia in a probably not-so-academic piece of writing.  Also, I think this was probably my nerdiest post ever.


2 thoughts on “all about fonts!

  1. No need to apologize for being nerdy about fonts! what do you think all of my graphic design colleagues talk about all of the time. i mean seriously. have you seen this college humor video where the fonts get together and have a conference? also, i know the guy who plays wingdings.

    love the blog!

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